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Party Platform
Rett Rogers
(808) 225-8917 
Leavenworth County Republican Party Organization

The Leavenworth County Republican party is comprised of a Central Committee consisting of a Chairman, a Vice-Chairman, a Secretary and a Treasurer. There are 37 precincts in Leavenworth County and each precinct has a position for a man and a woman. There are a total of 74 precinct people within the Party organization. Precinct members are elected every two years in the Primary election. The Leadership of the Central Committee is elected every two years by Precinct Committee Members.
Central Committee
Jana Goodman
(913) 547-0565
Vice Chair
Connie O'Brien

(913) 706-2396
Sean Maher

It is important to know who your Precinct Committee People are, as they are your closest elected officials.  A precinct is a geographical area consisting of approximately 600-1000 voters.  Each political party elects a man and a woman as precinct committee members during the August primary.  If your precinct is unrepresented or under-represented, please contact a member of the Central Committee about filling the spot.

A District Delegate is a member of the County Republican Party who is elected to represent the County at the Congressional District level (in our case- the 2nd District).

A State Delegate is also very similar but represents the County and the District interest’s at the State GOP level.

In both positions, there are primary delegates and alternates, in case the primary cannot attend, an alternate will attend in lieu of.

The number of delegates allocated at the county level is determined by the percentage of voter turn-out in the previous Primary Election. This is just one more reason why it is important to increase voter turnout.